Deer Off Deer, Rabbit, and Squirrel Repellent Concentrate
09.11.2013 20:52

Patented, dual-deterrent system that effectively repels creatures by focusing on their keen olfaction and taste. Using the greatest power of the scent deterrent available on the market. Deer-Off II provides 3X more rejecting energy

Deer Off II scent disappears and dries odor free to humans but is constantly on the effectively keep creatures from the protected area for approximately 3 several weeks

Only deer, rabbit and squirrel repellent that's OMRI Listed and compliant to be used in organic gardening. Particularly created for safe use around children and pets

Consists of putrescent eggs solids (4.63%), garlic clove (.001%) and capsaicin (.001%)

The Two.5-gallon concentrate yields 20 gallons of ready-to-use repellent, enough to deal with 4,000 4-feet-tall ornamental bushes, or roughly 35,000 sq ft of plants

Eliminate Squirrels


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